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Beautiful Gesture – Gift for All

Barre Food Shelf egg donation July 2017 cropped

What a beautiful gesture your donations were these last two weeks. Yesterday I dropped off 65 dozen eggs to the Barre Food Shelf.  That’s 780 eggs! And the look on their faces as they stood amidst the old bread and tired vegetables looking at our donation of extremely fresh eggs was amazing. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this gesture. Thank you for working with us to fulfill another part of our mission – to support ALL families in getting the freshest and cleanest food from local farms.

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Amazon and Whole Foods – where’s the farmer?

BurntRockFarm_farmer 800x400

I wanted to share a recent article by a long time partner at Farmers To You, Otto Scharmer. Otto and his wife Katrin have been partners since the very beginnings of Farmers To You and I have always had deep respect for his perspective and work on matters of economics, organizations and community. The recent buy out of Whole Foods by Amazon is the latest step in the further consolidation and scaling of our industrial food system, and while many food industry experts are hailing it as a very positive move – I cannot agree.

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Solstice Intentions

sunset and hills 800x400

Twice a year there is a complete reversal of the direction and flow of energy in the natural world. Think of it as the transition we feel in our own body every time we take a breath – from the in breathing (December 21st – June 21st) to the out breath (June 21st to December 21st). What has been happening during the in-breath period is a gathering of energy, fertility and forces that build in the soils, animals, seeds and trees and then during the out breath they yield their beautiful bounty and riches.

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Full Moon Choices

strawberry_moon 800x400

Tonight brings us the Strawberry Full Moon. The spring full moon that speeds up and encourages the burst of growth and germination of all the seeds and plants that have been lined out in the fields of our partner farmers. The moon is responsible for the massive movement of water in the oceans that result in the high and low tides each day. It exerts a powerful influence wherever water is present, and in plants water is significantly present. With all the rain we have had this will be a particularly active impulse.

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You Are Amazing!

does leap 800x400

Does Leap Farm

When I wrote you all for help 6 weeks ago, I never could have predicted the outpouring of enthusiasm, sharing and passion so many of you have for what we have all created over the past 6 years. I am truly humbled.

We finished strong at 775 orders this week. I honestly think next week will be even better as many of you get back from travels and vacations to find the larder empty! I am not-so-secretly hoping for us to break 800!

I think the reason I am so humbled and grateful is because so many advisors and even I feared that being so honest about our situation and asking you directly for help would not work.

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