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Vandana Shiva at the NOFA Winter Conference 2017

vandana shiva 800x400

vandana shiva 800x400

Dr. Vandana Shiva gave an inspiring talk at this Winter’s Organic Farming Conference in Vermont! With eloquence and humor, Dr. Shiva exposed the myths and false truths around the benefits of the Green Revolution she witnessed as it was unfolding in her home state of Punjab in India. The impacts were tragic, and because it happened within a generation, it was clear just how damaging this industrial model of agriculture is to the Earth, communities, and society.

Please listen to this remarkable woman who continues to stand toe to toe with big Ag and big Chemical in her country and the world.

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Eggs Eggs Everywhere!

Ever wonder how the concept of Easter Eggs came about? Seems almost as random as the fact that they get laid by bunnies! Really.

Do the words abundance and fertility and Spring give you a hint?

As many of our families know, during the darker winter months – December and January – we run short on eggs. That is simply because the hens don’t lay as many when it is not sunny. The same impulse as causes slowed growth in plants. So now when the sun begins to shine closer to 12 hours a day – our hens really start to produce.  

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A Farmers Perspective from Amy Huyffer at Strafford Creamery

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We recently asked Amy Huyffer of Strafford Organic Creamery to write us a letter of support – describing how Farmers To You has helped her farm thrive. Here is what she had to say about us:

Through Farmers to You, I currently sell a variety of dairy products including organic bottled milk and ice cream from my farm business, Strafford Organic Creamery at Rockbottom Farm.  We rotationally graze a 70-head herd on 600 acres.  We are proud of our land stewardship and the high quality of our dairy products. 

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Time To Become an Activist!

This past weekend something very beautiful and inspiring happened. Many of you stood up, took action, spoke out, and marched to express what you wanted to see in particular for women’s rights, dignity and honor. This is how the change you want is made manifest. It is time for us to become activists in all parts of our lives.

Our governments, our schools, our health care, our food system, our arts and entertainment, and our media are controlled and directed by interests that do not share our values and priorities; and our families, our children and the planet are suffering daily as a result.

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