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Thanksgiving Blessing

(Photo: Kettle Song Farm, where your Brussels sprouts grow)

Thank you for being a part of this extraordinary community. Each week we all are changing our food — the way it is grown and the priority it takes in all our lives. The simple act of choosing what we value — for our families, our health, and our communities — has a profound effect. Your farmers are responding, your community is acting, and together we are making the world a little better every day. It feels good to know we are all making a difference in a world that is crying out for something much better than the current reality.

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Boldness and Persistence Build Community

This is the last week of our fall community membership drive! We are so close to our goal of feeding 800 families a week — this week we fed a record-breaking 785 families.

I was in Boston Wednesday and Thursday and many of you shared how you’ve been spreading the word about our food, farmers and community and feeling a bit frustrated that more new families have not signed up. Thank you for all your hard work — really.  But this is long-term work, as we have seen during our six years of steady growth.

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A Community of Families & Farmers Comes Together

Last weekend something magical happened here in Vermont.

A community of families and farmers came together to acknowledge what they had all created over the past seven years.

They came together over a beautiful dinner, lively music and rich conversation to get to know each other better. And we certainly did!

To all of you who made it to our First Annual Equinox Celebration – I know I do not need to say anything. And to all of you who considered it – we missed you. And to everyone – put it on your calendar for next year and be prepared to be embraced by the amazing community we have all created together.

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Equinox Celebration 2017 – September 22-24th

Finally – Come and meet your farmers in person and celebrate what we have all done together!  Break bread, hear stories, visit your farms, celebrate the change of seasons.

After seven years we have built our own regional food system – and farmers, families and Farmers To You Staff all deserve praise and gratitude for the commitment, work, and creativity it took.  Come celebrate with us here in Vermont.  The leaves are turning, the air is crisp and invigorating, we’re cooking up some amazing food (of course!), planning some spectacular farm visits, and so looking forward to seeing your family here where it all begins.

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Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone! It has been a quiet summer – but not as quiet as in the past.  This is good news for all of us.

I want to give you all a quick update on the progress we are all making building our regional food system – Farmers To You.

Early this summer I wrote you all to ask for help in raising $20,000 each month for the months of July through October, and I am happy to say we were successful for both July and August. Thank you to our new owners! Also, because of the number of new families that joined us this spring, and thanks to the increase in orders over the summer, we have financially made it through our slow season in really good shape!  

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