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Greg Georgaklis


Greg has lead a serendipitous life that has guided him through a multitude of coincidences to found Farmers To You of Vermont. Going to college in Vermont, and falling in love with the state; Nearly 30 years of experience in Horticulture, Agriculture, Distribution, and Retail as owner of a large Nursery business in the Boston area; Training in and passion for Biodynamic Agriculture, Holistic systems and models, Extensive service to the Agriculture community of Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Marriage to Eva who shares a deep connection to the land and has transformed Greg’s relationship with health and consciously grown food, Three children who always keep the focus on the consequences of our actions on their future.
Greg, and his wife Eva, consider Farmers To You as their contribution and purpose of rebuilding and inventing the models and communities that will assure an abundant and joyful future for all our children.

This Week’s Harvest: Lamb & Beef, Brussel Sprouts, Plums, and Monkfish

The heavens have aligned for grass-fed meat this week! We will have both Lamb from Tamarack Vermont Sheep Farm, and Beef from Woodbourne Farm. The subtle craft of both these partner farmers is often easy to take for granted; please [...]

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Our Next Generation of Farmers

On August 9, the Op Ed pages of the NY Times featured an article by Bren Smith, a shellfish and seaweed farmer on Long Island. The article, provocatively titled “Don’t Let Your Children Grow Up To Be Farmers,” was soon [...]

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This Week’s Harvest: Purple Peppers, Rainbow Carrots, Paula Red Apples, Rainbow Chard

garden veggies

New and returning vegetables this week: Foote Brook Farm is harvesting Rainbow Chard and we will also have Slicing Cucumbers. Justin at Burnt Rock Farm is showing us the way into fall crops with their Delicata Squash – guaranteed to [...]

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This business of trying to predict and promise what good food will be available is a challenge during variable weather. A few weeks ago, we got a wonderful tease of fresh Plums from Scott Farms, with a promise of more [...]

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This Week’s Harvest: Spaghetti Squash, More Apples, Sheep Cheese, and Whole Wheat Flour


New Vegetables The first squash of the season has arrived – Spaghetti Squash from Burnt Rock Farm Foote Brook Farm continues to provide us with delectable Green Beans. If you haven’t tried them – don’t miss out this season! Julie [...]

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