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Greg has lead a serendipitous life that has guided him through a multitude of coincidences to found Farmers To You of Vermont. Going to college in Vermont, and falling in love with the state; Nearly 30 years of experience in Horticulture, Agriculture, Distribution, and Retail as owner of a large Nursery business in the Boston area; Training in and passion for Biodynamic Agriculture, Holistic systems and models, Extensive service to the Agriculture community of Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Marriage to Eva who shares a deep connection to the land and has transformed Greg’s relationship with health and consciously grown food, Three children who always keep the focus on the consequences of our actions on their future.
Greg, and his wife Eva, consider Farmers To You as their contribution and purpose of rebuilding and inventing the models and communities that will assure an abundant and joyful future for all our children.

This Week’s Harvest: Colorful Roots, Steaks, Fresh Fish, New Sausage and Turkey Options

Vegetables: Pete’s Greens has added Pea Shoots to their wonderful Mixed Shoots (Sunflower and Radish) which were offered last week. Divine and alive! Our partner farmers struggle to grow greens in our current extreme dark and cold (minus 20 degrees this week at night). Mesclun and Spinach will not be available this week. As partner Lee [...]

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This Week’s Harvest: Winter Greens and Eggs, Fantastic Lamb and Fresh Fish


I love this work. For several days, I’ve been finding more eggs for you, speaking to farmers and producers about costs, and learning the nuances of winter storage. Let’s dig right in. Mid-Winter Eggs and Vegetables We dug deeper for more Vegetables and Eggs –  with success. Dog River Farm of Berlin, VT is back with Eggs [...]

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This Week’s Harvest: The Freshest Fish, Savoy Cabbage, New Apples, Pasta!


Spinach is still growing in greenhouses (truly amazing), but will be limited for the next few weeks. At this time of year, with the darkest days, Nature comes to a near standstill – think of this as a contemplative moment – a rest before the big Spring push. What’s new this week: Savoy Cabbage from [...]

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This Week’s Harvest: Quietude and Mid-Winter Bounty


It’s quiet up here in Vermont and many of our partner farmers are getting rest and time with family. They send their warm felt thanks for your partnership and wishes for food and family filled holidays for you too. Here is what Adam from Adam’s Berry Farm wrote to us – Hello Farmers To You [...]

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This Week’s Harvest: Holiday Roasts & Turkey, Special Pricing, Frozen Sweet Corn


Special Items for the Holidays: We have a great supply of specially cut Beef Roasts and Lamb to grace your Holiday Table. Rib Beef Roast Chuck Beef Roast Eye Round Beef Roast Sirloin Butt Beef Roast Top Round Beef Roast Our usual Lamb Cuts including Butterflied Half Legs, Rack, Loin Chops and more… Misty Knoll [...]

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