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Greg has lead a serendipitous life that has guided him through a multitude of coincidences to found Farmers To You of Vermont. Going to college in Vermont, and falling in love with the state; Nearly 30 years of experience in Horticulture, Agriculture, Distribution, and Retail as owner of a large Nursery business in the Boston area; Training in and passion for Biodynamic Agriculture, Holistic systems and models, Extensive service to the Agriculture community of Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Marriage to Eva who shares a deep connection to the land and has transformed Greg’s relationship with health and consciously grown food, Three children who always keep the focus on the consequences of our actions on their future.
Greg, and his wife Eva, consider Farmers To You as their contribution and purpose of rebuilding and inventing the models and communities that will assure an abundant and joyful future for all our children.

This Week’s Harvest: Organic Eggnog, Berries, Keepsake Apples, Crab & Corn Ravioli


Vegetables: Pete’s Greens has a slight change to their Winter Mesclun Mix this week. The greens mix will contain Lettuce, Spinach and Claytonia. The Claytonia is from their land that is certifiable, and organic practices are used but not certified yet. So for just the next few weeks, the Mesclun from Pete’s Greens is not [...]

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This Week’s Harvest: Keepsake Apples, Organic Pumpkin Pies, Fresh Grass-Fed Lamb and Beef

Pumpkin Pie

For your Thanksgiving table: Organic Pumpkin Pies from Red Hen Bakery – Limited availability! Cranberry Sauce from Vermont Cranberry Company Vegetables: Our Partner Vegetable farmers wish you a bountiful Thanksgiving. They offer you a cornucopia of sweet and savory vegetables to grace each of your tables – blessings on your meals. Grass-fed meats: Woodbourne Farm [...]

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This Week’s Harvest: So Many Squashes, Stuffing Mix, Eggplant Tomato Mozzarella Ravioli

A new item, just in time for Thanksgiving! We’re pleased to be offering a Stuffing Mix – from Red Hen Bakery. This is a blend of their breads, cut up perfectly for you to use in your stuffing. Vegetables: Parsnips are back and as sweet as can be! Radicchio are here to add flavor and [...]

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This Week’s Harvest: New Chocolate, New Breakfast Sausage, Fresh Cranberries

Specials This Week: New flavors from Liberty Chocolate and they are on Special! Cherry Pomegranate Extra Dark Chai Espresso (with Vermont Coffee Company coffee) Salted Coconut Caramel Regularly $4.70 On Special Now at $3.90 New Breakfast Sausage! Try the new Breakfast Sausage recipe from Artisan Meats of Vermont – Regularly $9.80 On Special Now at $8.80 [...]

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This Week’s Harvest: Dried Beans, Purple Top Turnips, Lemon Thyme Chévre


The Vegetable Harvest: We’ve been waiting for this moment! Dry Beans have arrived from Morningstar Meadows. More varieties will soon follow as Seth Johnson and his family finish cleaning, sorting and drying. Black Turtle Beans Light Kidney Beans The Onion Story… Unfortunately, Pete’s Greens has been having spoilage issues with his onions this year. Many [...]

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