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Greg Georgaklis


Greg has lead a serendipitous life that has guided him through a multitude of coincidences to found Farmers To You of Vermont. Going to college in Vermont, and falling in love with the state; Nearly 30 years of experience in Horticulture, Agriculture, Distribution, and Retail as owner of a large Nursery business in the Boston area; Training in and passion for Biodynamic Agriculture, Holistic systems and models, Extensive service to the Agriculture community of Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Marriage to Eva who shares a deep connection to the land and has transformed Greg’s relationship with health and consciously grown food, Three children who always keep the focus on the consequences of our actions on their future.
Greg, and his wife Eva, consider Farmers To You as their contribution and purpose of rebuilding and inventing the models and communities that will assure an abundant and joyful future for all our children.

This Week’s Bounty: Sugaring, Spring Parsnips, Herbs! Feta and Mesclun


It is definitely Spring here in Vermont. This week, David of River Berry Farm is harvesting Parsnips that have spent the winter underground. Very sweet – just peel and roast them with butter and dig in. The landscape is dotted with little clouds of steam rising from Sugar Houses – as the last runs of [...]

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This Week’s Bounty: Maple Syrup, Unsalted Butter, Eggs and Skate Filets


This week there are several items on special to bring attention to seasonal shifts, recent abundance, and just as a reminder. Ray and Sarah of Square Deal Farm are boiling away to make their fantastic Maple Syrup. Get your supply at our celebratory price – one Quart – Usually $24.50, now $22.50. Eggs – The [...]

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Wholistic Communitites of Related Organisms – Families of Farms and Farms of Families.

Wholistic systems of farming are based off of what are now being called interdependent Holons. These are separate but linked systems that all support each other and complement each other on the farm. So the grazing ruminants (cows, sheep or goats), while producing meat and dairy, more importantly transform sunshine into fertility. Traditional Biodynamic Farmers [...]

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This Week’s Bounty: Long Wind Tomatoes, Plenty of Eggs, and Freshest Monk Fish


Our vegetable farmers are gearing up for this next season. Greenhouses are full of seedlings, and some are even full of crops like Tomatoes or Greens that we will enjoy over the next few months. To understand the commitment and the skill required to “extend” the season with these technologies, check out our latest Partner [...]

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This Week’s Bounty: Making Plans for 2016, Spinach Special, Easy Butternut Soup, The Best Lamb, Apple Pie


I spent yesterday with some of our partner farmers – specifically Vegetable Farmers. Just like you, they are looking for alternatives to the supermarket – only from the opposite perspective! In particular I was heartened by the conversation I had with David Marchant at River Berry Farm (think delicious carrots and sweet corn). We were [...]

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