This Week’s Bounty: Caramel and Chocolate Gift Box, Pea Shoots, Black Radishes, Pork and Beef

Fresh from our Farmers and Producers

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…order this week to make sure you have sweet treats for your sweethearts! We’re excited to bring you some excellent gift options:

  • Sweet Love Gift Box from Fat Toad Farm: two 2oz jars of goat’s milk caramel sauce: Vanilla Bean and Vermont Maple, as well as eight heart-shaped chocolates from Lake Champlain Chocolates and one Sweet Love Valentine’s greeting card. The chocolates are a medley of Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Cacao Nibs in Dark Chocolate

New fine chocolate confections from Nutty Steph’s:

  • Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Hearts
  • Maple Candy Hearts dipped in Dark Chocolate
  • Love Bar: white chocolate, raspberries and peppermint
  • Maple Walnut Milk Chocolate Bar

Our February Monthly Stock Up features the following at 10% off:

Fresh from our Farmers and Producers

  • Pea Shootsfrom Burnt Rock Farm are a welcome sign of spring! Sweet, tender green shoots make an excellent addition to a salad, sandwich or side of their own
  • Red Potatoes– from Pete’s Greens
  • Black Radishfrom Dog River Farm are round radishes with a charcoal colored skin and crisp white flesh, larger in diameter than your average red radish

Tilldale Farm brings a fresh delivery of their Grass Fed Beef: Steaks, Stew Meat, Kabobs, Ground Beef, Liver, Heart, Shanks, and Short Ribs

We’ve received another round of Pork Chops, Cutlets, Shoulder, Country Style Ribs and Tenderloin from Snug Valley Farm, in addition to their Italian, Hot Italian and Maple Breakfast Sausage.

VT99 Bacon is back after a lull in production. If you fancy the thick sliced bacon, don’t forget to add this one back to your order.

A note on egg supply: The Hens are noticing our shorter days.

As our daylight hours are shrinking, the laying hens wind down their egg production. We have had to limit our egg supply to ensure that we do not oversell! Due to our limited supply, we may have to clear eggs from recurring orders. Check your recurring order each week as you may have to add your eggs back into your order. Our apologies for any confusion, and we’ll try and source more eggs as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to check out our Weekly Menus.  These are pre-picked orders suited to different dietary preferences: Omnivore, Paleo, Vegetarian and Dairy Free, each accompanied with meal ideas.

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