This Week’s Bounty: Panettone, Pies, Holiday Roasts, Soups and Chicken Broth

Photo courtesy of Red Hen Baking

For our Monthly Stock up in December we are featuring some of our favorite appetizer snacks. Assemble a cheese platter with fruit, bread and chocolate to entertain through the holidays. The following are 10% off:

Fresh from our Farmers and Producers

Woodbelly Pizza, a local VT-based catering company specializing in wood-fired pizzas, has been developing a couple of soups and broths to add to our offerings! These soups and broths are packed in bigger containers than what we’ve had in the past, a full 32 ounces of nourishment to warm your winter days. This is just a start, with more delicious things to come from the Woodbelly kitchen as we enter the new year.

  • Chicken Broth: rich, warming and highly nutritious. We sampled this for our staff dinner one night, and everyone went back for seconds! Just broth, simply delicious.
  • Chicken Soup: a hearty chicken soup with all of the classic flavors: onions, carrots, celery and plenty of chicken!
  • Butternut Squash Soup: smooth and silky, sweet and savory, seasoned with a hint of cumin and coriander

In need of last-minute gifts or stocking stuffers for the holiday? Here are a few suggestions:

Thanks to Tilldale Farm and The Royal Butcher, we’ve received a variety of Beef Roasts for your holiday table. In addition to steaks, ground beef, soup bones, oxtail and more, we’ve requested specialty roasts:

Tamarack VT Sheep Farm brings a delivery of Lamb: chops, ground, stew meat, and boneless leg halves. Season with Rosemary, Garlic, salt and pepper and you will not be disappointed!

We will have fresh Holiday Turkeys from Misty Knoll Farm, available in two sizes. The smaller will be approximately 12-15 lbs, the larger approximately 25 lbs. These will be processed and delivered fresh!

Stuffing Mixfrom Red Hen Baking to pair with your holiday Turkey

  • PanettoneThis specialty holiday bread has arrived! An Italian-style sweet bread with raisins, figs, apricots, sultanas and candied orange peel. Light and delicious to enjoy with coffee or tea for breakfast, brunch or dessert.
  • Pumpkin PieRed Hen Baking
  • Crumb Top or Double Crust Apple PiesChamplain Orchards

Organic Dried Dates are back in stock from Tierra Farms

Bread Flourfrom Rogers Farmstead is the same flour we know and love as Bolted Flour. They have simply changed the name! Full of flavor for your baking needs.

Blood Orange Kombucha from Aqua Vitea is a delightful, lightly fruity flavor.

A note on egg supply: The Hens are noticing our shorter days.

As our daylight hours are shrinking, the laying hens wind down their egg production. We have had to limit our egg supply to ensure that we do not oversell! Due to our limited supply, we may have to clear eggs from recurring orders. Check your recurring order each week as you may have to add your eggs back into your order. Our apologies for any confusion, and we’ll try and source more eggs as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to check out our Weekly Menus.  These are pre-picked orders suited to different dietary preferences: Omnivore, Paleo, Vegetarian and Dairy Free, each accompanied with meal ideas.

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