This Week’s Bounty: Salad Turnips, Rainbow Chard, Celeriac and Mahi Mahi

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Collards and Green Swiss Chard from Miskell’s Premium Organics are 10% off this week.  Slice into ribbons and enjoy these greens sauteed and tossed with Pasta, Potato salad with Pesto, filling for tacos, or use in place of spinach in a non-traditional Spanakopita with Feta.  

Our June Stock Up continues with the following at 10% off:

Fresh from our Farmers and Producers

  • Red Wagon Plants has Fresh Herbs for us: Chives, Thyme, Oregano and Peppermint
  • Salad Turnipsfrom Jericho Settlers Farm are sweet and juicy- excellent raw, sauteed or roasted
  • Braising Greensfrom Jericho Settlers Farm are back!  Flavorful mustard greens that mellow when cooked
  • Celeriacfrom Pete’s Greens- also known as celery root, enjoy raw, grated into a salad, oven roasted chips, added to soup or thin slices on top of a pizza!
  • Rainbow Chard Bunches– from Dog River Farm- colorful stems and sweet green leaves

Fish makes an excellent summertime supper entree: poached, grilled, fried or baked. In addition to Salmon from Starbird, Red’s Best Seafood has fresh caught White Fish, Flounder and Mahi Mahi!

Don’t forget to check out our Weekly Menus.  These are pre-picked orders suited to different dietary preferences; Omnivore, Paleo, Vegetarian and Dairy Free, each accompanied with meal ideas.

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