This Week’s Bounty: Introducing VT Raw Pet Food, Asparagus, Dill, Cukes and Salad Greens in Abundance

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We are featuring the following cuts of Beef at 15% off this week:

  • Briskettry Smoked Brisket  for tender, full flavored meat that can stand alone or make a great sandwich
  • Shanks and Short Ribstry braising and a blast on the grill for a smoky finish
  • Chuck Roast– try BBQ Smoked with a side of sauerkraut
  • LiverBeef Liver Bourguignonne liver cubes sauteed in bacon!
  • Hearta tried and true method from one of our partner families in Boston: slice into thin strips, saute over high heat for just 30 seconds each side and season with salt and pepper

Our May Monthly Stock Up continues…the following Breakfast foods are all 10% off:

Fresh from our Farmers and Producers

We are excited to introduce VT Raw Pet Food!  Many of you have requested this wholesome food for your feline and canine friends, and we welcome this item with a new category we hope to expand upon soon – Pet & Home.  

VT Raw Pet Food uses bones, scraps and organ meat from Misty Knoll to produce a two pound tube of raw ground turkey, bones and organ meat.  Full of protein and fat to give your pets the energy source they are designed to digest.  That’s right!  Bones are perfectly safe to feed your dog or cat as long as they are RAW.

Many greens and veggies are available this week:

    • Asparagus Foote Brook Farm and Kettle Song Farm – welcome spring!  Enjoy lightly sauteed, or use a peeler to make strips
    • DillCate Farm – Enjoy with a Salmon filet, in potato salad, or in an omelette or tzatziki
    • Picolino CukesJericho Settlers Farm- Small, thin skinned cukes that are crunchy and sweet
    • ArugulaPete’s Greens- young, tender greens with a hint of bite
    • SpinachBlackwell Roots- don’t forget to add this back into your order this week- we had to limit availability as we transition from greenhouse grown to the first field crops of the season
    • Gem Lettuce – Jericho Settlers Farm- small, compact heads similar in shape to romaine and in a variety of colors- red, bronze and green
    • TatsoiJericho Settlers Farm-  mild mustard green with crunchy, juicy leaves and stems.
    • Vivid Choi- Jericho Settlers Farm- a colorful, leafy variety of pac choi with pink and purple stems

Frozen Salmon filets from Starbird make an excellent quick dinner, on the grill, pan fried or poached.  Serve with some tzatziki with yogurt, cucumber and dill and a green salad.

Champlain Orchards brings Creston Apples an excellent fresh eating apple with a sweet, rich honey flavor.  Still available as late season storage fruits- MacIntosh and Keepsake

Don’t forget to check out our Weekly Menus.  These are pre-picked orders suited to different dietary preferences; Omnivore, Paleo, Vegetarian and Dairy Free, each accompanied with meal ideas.

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