This Week’s Harvest: Special Pricing on Bratwurst & Tempeh, Fresh Local Spinach & Salad Mix, Banana Fingerling Potatoes

Seasonal Bratwurst: $8.90 for a 1 lb package – down $2.00 from $10.90
Jacob and his brother at Artisan Meats of Vermont make this delicious sausage that has become a favorite of ours. The flavor is subtle but rich. Paired with a plate of potatoes and fresh salad – you just can’t go wrong!

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All Rhapsody Tempeh: BBQ and Teriaki Tempeh at $3.75 – down from $4.70 / Plain Tempeh at $2.50 – down from $3.35
Sjon, Elysha and their family at Rhapsody Natural Foods invite you to try their Tempeh at this special price. Their soy foods are processed in traditional ways that are far healthier and more digestible than the modern soy products found in large quantities in protein supplements for vegetarians and vegans. Even if you are not vegetarian or vegan go ahead and give this a try – it is a wonderful value and packed full of nutrients and protein.

A simple spring roll recipe using their Teriaki Tempeh is below and we have more recipe ideas on the item pages.

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Red Potatoes at $3.25 for a 2 lb bag – down from $4.50
Since we had Bratwurst on special we thought we would add some wonderful Red Potatoes from Pete’s Greens. Enjoy some comfort food while the weather is still chilly.

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Tom from Woodbourne Farm has a full assortment of Grass-Fed Steaks and Beef this week. Order early because there are limited quantities of all these.

Traditional Share: Pollock – We are in the middle of a great run of Pollock right now, and local fishermen look to this healthy fishery to help get them through tough winters. Pollock are plentiful and watch groups refer to it as a sustainable species and a “good option”. A wonderful, flaky, and mild whitefish, Pollock is a classic chowder fish great for comforting soups and stews. Try adding bite sized pieces to your favorite curry for the last ten minutes of cooking. Or add it to spicy Asian style broth like Tom Yum or hot and sour.

Adventuresome Share: Skate Wings – Skate is a plentiful and underutilized fish here in New England. What you get is a filet made from the wings of the skate – they are triangle shaped and when baked or fried are delicious. This fish should be eaten soon after buying it as it spoils a bit faster than other fish, but since Red’s Best gets us our fish so quickly you are way ahead of the game and it will certainly keep for several days in the fridge. One of our favorite recipes is baking the skate with capers and tomatoes. It cooks quickly and begins to separate when done.

Scallops – same wonderful Scallops as we had last week, only the portion will be closer to the 12 oz size we posted and expected. While we know a number of you were happy to get an abundance of scallops in your orders, we apologize for the extra large portions and corresponding big price. We are giving a $10 credit to everyone who had them on their order as this was an error on both ours and Red’s Best part. Hope you enjoyed them!

Spinach is back!Lee of Blackwell Roots and Joe of Screamin’ Ridge Farm finally have Baby Spinach! As you have seen, it has been one of the most difficult winters for greenhouse growing. Last season we were able to have Spinach consistently all through the year so this local fresh spinach is a welcome return. Enjoy!

Cathy at Unity Farm has beautiful and delicious Mesclun Salad Mix for us this week. Limited quantity so order early.

A slight change in our potatoes. Mixed Fingerling Potato bags are now just the beautiful buttery yellow Banana Fingerlings.

Two new soups from Joe at Screamin’ Ridge Farm.
Miso Vegetable and Tofu Soup
French Split Pea and Ham Soup

We have a great selection of Apples this week. Try two varieties and savor the difference!
Mac – traditional favorite – great eating and for apple sauce.
Shizuka – very similar to the Crispins and like a sweet Granny Smith.
Northern Spy – Great eating, great baking, just great.
Spartan – Wonderful eating apple with crisp snap in texture and flavor.
Cortland – The best baking apple bar none… and wonderful for eating too!

*A tip on keeping apples fresh: As we are in the extended season for these wonderful apples it is key to keep them refrigerated when they reach your home.

Bill at Champlain Orchards does a wonderful job storing and delivering apples quickly and freshly, but they do not have the shelf life they would if it were earlier in the season. Fruit is designed to ripen on or off the tree so animals will eat and spread the seeds around. Bill and his crew stop the ripening process by storing these apples in cold, low oxygen environments. The minute they are brought out into the air – the apples try to make up for lost time. Really there is just no fooling mother nature!

So keep them in your refrigerator, they will last for a good long time there.

Ginger Mountain Ginseng
White Peony
Five Peaks Green

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