Staple Foods Sample Sale, Matzah, Specialty Fish, New Teas and Soups

Staple Foods Items On Sale:
We have two staple items on a special introductory sale this week. We hope you will try them! If you like them, consider making them part of your families weekly food order.

Sales at Farmers To You are not very common
Here’s why we don’t have sales very often!

Have you ever noticed just how many items are on sale each week at the supermarket?

Does it make you want to wait and “buy it on sale?” Well, you are not alone. Most of us will wait and buy products on sale, and as my father use to say, “only a fool pays full price!”

Do you know who is actually paying for the sale? If you think the supermarket is giving up any of its profit to give you that deal, you are incorrect.

The experience of our farmers, and my own, is that the buyer from the big supermarket chain calls up and says, “we are putting your product on sale this week and you will invoice us at a 20% discount.”

Now imagine you’re a farmer.

If you say, “no, thank you,” you will not get an order that week, and if you are producing a fresh product… well, you’ll be feeding a lot of it to the animals on the farm that week. Also, you may damage the “relationship” you have with your buyer and jeopardize the business you get from that supermarket.

So in summary – the farmer/producer pays for the entire sale, and usually at a breakeven level – clearly unsustainable. Now remember the part about buying on sale all the time… well clearly that is not sustainable, and many of our farmers tell us that the volume they sell on sale is many times the amount they sell off sale – so really all of us can’t resist a sale.

Sales are a result of economic blackmail on the part of very large retail stores
imposing their power over much smaller farmers and producers.

In the Farmers To You partnership we have been reluctant to create the same expectation that leads to waiting for the sale prices. However, it is sometimes helpful for all to feature an exceptional item that’s worth trying and give our partner families an extra incentive to test it.

Here is what we would like to try:

  • We will on occasion put an item on sale as an incentive for you to try it, or buy more of it.
  • We will split and occasionally fully absorb the cost of putting that item on sale.
  • Our partner farmer producer will still make a profit with the understanding that the price will return to our true cost based pricing.
  • If you buy on sale and find the product to be supurb, please continue to buy it and support your partner farmer with your family’s food purchases.

This Week’s Sample Sales:
The amazingly fresh Coffee roasted by Robert at Bohemian Bakery and Coffee Roasters is on sale this week for $12.25 per pound – Robert would like you to try either of his roasts – #5 Medium or #7 Dark – and be converted!

Tom Cope of Woodbourne Farm is putting his Ground Beef on sale this week. Fair warning – my family cannot eat any other kind of ground beef anymore. We are spoiled rotten!

Due to the true cost of raising Devon Cattle 100% on grass and all organically – Tom’s ground meat is usually priced $9.25 per pound. This week it will be $7.90 per pound.

You will not only taste the difference… you will feel the difference.

Perhaps you have stopped eating beef because you feel hungover the next day. If so, give this beef a try and prepare to be pleasantly surprised. When large animals such as cattle are stressed and ill, as they constantly are in large industrial agriculture because of diet and living conditions, their meat has toxins and resulting off flavors making it very hard to digest. Tom’s animals are out on pasture with lots of room to graze, move and socialize making for happy, healthy animals. Tom grows all of their feed on his land using organic methods.

We will also have Steaks, Stew Meat and Kebobs this week from Tom. Get them while they last as there are a limited number and we usually have a two to three week interval between supply.

New Fish Share Options:
I had a long talk with Jared at Red’s Best this week and he and the fisherman are very pleased with our partnership. This week he wants to start offering a second fish share that will feature the less well known, species of fish.

His reasoning is very interesting and important.

If we continue to primarily eat the popular types of fish – Scallops, Cod, Halibut or Haddock – the prices will continue to go up, and put more pressure on the fisheries. If however, we start eating more of the lesser known but abundant fish, such as hake, pollock, monkfish, and this week’s choice of Skate Wings, we get much better value and take some of the pressure off.

Additionally, when fisherman are fishing for the more popular fish, they also catch these less well known fish. If there is no market for them, they go to waste. In this regard, farmers have it much easier – when you plant carrots you get carrots… when you put the nets or lines out – you get what is there, and not necessarily what people will buy. Pretty risky business. Each week going forward we will offer a Traditional Fish Share, and the new Adventuresome Fish Share.

Preparation tips will always be available at the item description so you are not flying blind in the kitchen.

New Partner with a New Product – Matzah!
We are pleased to introduce Charlie Emers and Patchwork Farm and Bakery. He is producing a wonderful Matzah cracker for us. We have been eating this for a couple of years and it is so great with butter, or your favorite cheese. Charlie is a great baker and we hope to offer some of his other delicious breads in the near future. We thought this would be a good start though and I would encourage everyone to give this a try – it has lots of flavor and is such a perfect snack. While all his ingredients are organic, he is not certified.

Butterworks Farm’s Organic Spelt Flour is back this week – but we only have a small supply – so don’t delay.

Pete’s Greens ran out of Green Savoy Cabbage but they do have Red Savoy Cabbage. This cabbage tastes as good as it looks which is really saying something.

Ben and Grace of Tamarack Vermont Sheep Farm have made more Lamb Sausage this week – many flavors available.

Jacob of Artisan Meats of Vermont will also have all his usual Pork Cuts.

New Teas from Love and Tea Company this week.
Earl Grey
Celebration Love
Happy Citrus

New soups are in from Screamin Ridge Farm in addition to his usual sauces and stocks.
Lemon Ginger Chicken
Roasted Fennel Leek Potato

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