This Week’s Harvest: Lamb Sausage, Fresh Hake, Organic Onions, Pork Roast

Hudak Farm

We have a new partner farm – Hudak Farm in St Albans, Vermont – pictured above. Richard Hudak and Marie Frey have been growing vegetables organically for 20 plus years and are partnering to keep us supplied with beautiful Yellow Onions through the winter months.

Fish Share:
This week’s Fish Share is Hake. The ground fish are in abundance this time of year and that means a great price on fish this week – $12.50 for about a pound of fish. Hake is gaining much popularity thanks to it’s delicate flavor and texture. Try it either baked with a thin spread of mayo and mustard, or just in butter and lemon.

The Lamb Sausage is back again this week from Tamarack Vermont Sheep Farm. If you missed getting them last week – here is your opportunity!

All our Pork cuts are back again this week from Jacob at Artisan Meats of Vermont. Chops, Ribs and Boston Butt Roast for real comfort food.

We have Stew and Kebob Beef available this week. Hamburger is limited stock at this time so get in there and order. Next week we will have a full assortment of beef so plan accordingly!

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