Farmers To You Now Delivering to Pickup Sites in Belmont and Brookline

❖ Pending No More: Belmont and Brookline are Now Active! 

We’re happy to be delivering to two new pickup sites next week. Starting Wednesday, January 22nd we’ll be making weekly deliveries to Belmont and Brookline.

➸ Belmont Pickup is at Belmont High School on Wednesdays from 3-4pm – contact us for the late pickup option until 8pm.


➸ Brookline Pickup is at the Brookline Teen Center on Wednesdays from 3-5pm – late pickup is available at the Center until 8pm.


We’d like to give a big thank you to all of the families who committed to these sites by creating orders for a pickup site that was still a hope and a dream. We’re excited and honored to be bringing you your first orders next week!

It is our hope that by starting delivery, both of these pickup sites will attract more families who want the best food on their tables and a real partnership with the farmers who grow it for them.

To keep these sites running smooth into the future we need to grow to 35 or more families within two months. Help us by sharing the news with your friends, family, contacts and co-workers in the area.

Use these flyers to spread the word!
Download Belmont Flyer
Download Brookline Flyer

❖ More Pickup Site News:

Changes in Jamaica Plain:
First the small change… JP Pickup site is now 5:30 – 7:00 pm
The Jamaica Plain pickup time will be starting 1/2 hour later. As we figure out realities on the ground with our two new sites we think it best to push back the starting time in JP to 5:30. This will leave us time to get there and set up so we’re ready to serve!

Now the big change… With Bridget Colvin stepping down as site host in Jamaica Plain, we have Claire Gilbert filling in for January before Caitlin Bright assumes the role in February.

We were all blessed with fortune when Bridget came to us about starting a pickup site in Jamaica Plain. She heard about Farmers To You through JPmoms (an online parent forum). Since we didn’t delivery to JP at the time she stepped forward to work towards an alternative for her neighborhood. This everyday sense of practical leadership continued over the two years that Bridget held the community together at the Jamaica Plain pickup site.

I asked her today if she had anything to share with the families in JP. In her usual, no caps, always gracious manner she replied…

“i’d love to tell the partner families all thank you SO MUCH for being so warm and welcoming every week and that i’ve loved being a small part of their lives, hearing about their families, talking about food, the weather, and just the day to day. i hope they enjoy working with caitlin, who will be a fabulous site host, as much as i have enjoyed working with all of them!” – Bridget

It has been such a pleasure to partner with Bridget to bring safe, just, and trustworthy food to families in Jamaica Plain. From the entire Farmers To You partnership – THANK YOU BRIDGET!

Changes in Newton:
Pickup at Newton Highlands Congregational Church will now be 1:30 – 2:30 pm.
In our current distribution logic puzzle (read 2 days, 2 trucks, 1 zip van, 17 active sites…!) we’ve pushed Newton pickup earlier in the day. Late pickup will continue and the option for Home/Office Delivery is always available to all of the Newton area.

❖ Gift To Give Update:

As of tonight 43 “Gift to Give” $50 Gift Certificates have been claimed by your friends, neighbors, and family members. We’ve seen the number of repeated last names on our distribution lists increase! We’ve seen families take that leap and join their neighbors at the pickup sites! We’ve even two real food advocates put their gift certificate up on Facebook for their friends to fight over!

Here’s two important things to remember:
1) If you gave your certificate to someone and you haven’t received a confirmation letter from us, either your friend hasn’t completed an order yet, or signed up for an account.
2) After this Sunday, there is only one week left to redeem these gifts – they will expire at midnight on Sunday January 26th.

So, be in touch with your friends who have these gifts in their hands… and if they are still in yours, think of someone who just needs that little extra incentive to get out of the grocery store a bit more and connect with good food, the land, and the people who care for both.

We hope you all enjoy your food this week. Would share a photo with us on Facebook of something tasty you cooked up? I know we have some amazing cooks among us.

As Shannon says, eat well and be well,
the Farmers To You Team

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