This Week’s Harvest: Handmade Slab Bacon, Hake Fillets, Butterflied Lamb Leg

Fish Share:
This week’s fish share is Hake. If you have bought Scrod – then you have bought Hake. It is much like Cod – light, flaky and delicately flavored especially when fresh.

A nice light alternative if you are still recovering from all the feasting of last week!!!

We have some beautiful cuts of lamb available this week. Amazing half-butterflied lamb legs that are perfect for marinading and baking to perfection.

Joe of Screamin Ridge is bringing us two new soups – in case you are just all cooked out after all the relations leave! Lentil Soup and Beef Chili. And if you are slightly more ambitious – try using Joe’s vegetable or chicken stock to make up a quick fresh soup in just minutes. This is definitely one of our pantry standards in our house.

Vermont Salumi slab bacon is back this week. Cube it, slice it, and fry it up – alone or in soups, salads, or sandwiches it really adds something special.

As always Jason and his brother at Vermont Artisan Meats has a great selections of roasts and chops that are the definition of comfort food. Also their bacon has taken center stage – dry rubbed and sliced just right. All of this from local pigs running around on pasture and bedded down for the winter on hay packs.

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