This Week’s Harvest: Keepsake Apples, Pumpkin Pies, Purple Top Turnips and Fresh Pollock

Pumpkin Pie
Because we’re delivering to all sites on Wednesday this week – if you usually get a Thursday Only bread – it has been removed from your order and now is your chance to try out one of Red Hen’s Wednesday Breads. Organic Whole Wheat is a staff favorite!

Pumpkin Pies are being baked to perfection at Red Hen. Now, I rarely buy pies because Eva my wife makes such amazing ones … but even she agrees that Jeremy’s – the baker who makes these beauties –  are worth the treat!

We have wonderful apples this week – From Scott Farm we have one of my childhood favorites – Baldwin in the Eating Heirloom selection and Belle de Boskoop in the baking selection for stupendous apples pies and crisps.

With the disappearance of Honeycrisp apples from Champlain Orchards (yes we did eat them all!!!) We have added a favorite from last season – Keepsake. One of the parent varieties of Honeycrisp, this apple is a cross between a “Malinda” and “Northern Spy”. Excellent eating and holds up well very in your refrigerator.

We have a new partner Farmer – David Miskell of Miskell Premium Organics. He is greenhouse growing small head lettuce for us over the winter. This is really difficult, but David is a very talented senior grower who trained with the best many years ago. This week we have Green Lettuce heads.

Sebastian von Trapp is bringing us yet another one of his special cheeses. We already love Oma and Mt Alice, and now we get to try Savage which is his pressed and cooked mountain hard cheese. Very special seasonal cheese.
Also he has decided to make the portion size of the Mt Alice 5 oz ( for $5.80 ea) to entice more of you to try it. It is a rich and savory cheese that is always popular.

Special for the holidays we have added two beautiful roots – Purple Top Turnips and Rutabagas.

Spelt Flour from Butterworks Farm is back this week.

Our Fish Share for this week from Red’s Best is Pollock from Chatham.

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  1. avatar Rachel Greenberger
    Posted November 24, 2013 at 10:55 am | Permalink

    Your updates are so cozy and helpful. Love them. Thank you!!

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