Your Organic Milk Choices

What an amazing time of year – A time of death, harvest, digestion, and completion.  Fall is a time of year when truth and integrity are essential because anything else stands out in the sharp light and crisp clarity that these energies and impulses bring.

So this brings us to the topic of milk!

We have partnered with Strafford Organic Creamery for three years now and many of you have come to love their milk and ice cream, but like all true craft farming, they cannot constantly increase their volume – or even maintain it all year long – because that would mean ignoring the rhythms of the seasons and the natural world we are all a part of. (Yes even you drink more milk in the fall than you do in the summer… fact.)

We therefore partnered with Kimball Brook Dairy, but instead of offering their milk as separate items which you could choose – we would order from Kimball Brook what Strafford could not supply each week and substitute to different sites.

For those who liked Strafford milk, the randomly arriving Kimball Brook milk would be a disappointment, and for those who like Kimball Brook Milk, it was like the lottery – never knowing when you would win week to week.

We have changed that – and in the process put integrity back in its proper place. You will now see both Kimball Brook Farm and Strafford Organic Creamery Milk listed in the Dairy section and you can choose the milk you and your family prefers.

The Strafford Milk is a “limited stock item” which means there is only a certain quantity available and the item disappears when the last one is ordered, AND it get’s taken off your recurring order each week which means…

You will now have to update your order each week in order to get Strafford milk weekly.

While both are Organic, minimally processed, delicious, and produced by dedicated families who are at the top of their craft, there are differences between these two milks – as many of you have told us. Each farm has different cows, different feeding methods, and different packaging, all of which come together to create different taste.

The good news is that now you can give them both a try and decide for yourself. This holds true to the promise we made at the birth of Farmers To You – that you have the choice of what products you bring home and which farmers your family partners with.

As always, thank you for your partnership and trust – it is the foundation that supports building your own regional food system – that you and your family can count on to feed you.


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