New & Available Items 7.12.13

cherry.tomatoes Walla Walla Onions – they are a bit on the smaller size, but these are sweet and the first of the season.
Yellow Bunch Onions – finally some real onions for cooking again. The flavor of these local onions put the West Coast ones to shame!!
The first crop of Peppers is in from Pete’s Greens as well as a limited amount of Broccoli.

Our newest Partner Farmer – Joseph of City Limits Farm has a limited amount of Sugar Snap Peas this week. Snap them up!

Tom Cope has Steaks for us again – Some of the best grass fed beef you’ll ever find. We’ve also got Stew, Kebob, Liver and Shank Bones

Tony at Foote Brook as Green Beans, and his amazing Kale this week.

Joe at Screamin Ridge has a chilled summer soup this week – Cucumber Yogurt Dill. He also has his famous Enchilada Sauce and Tomato Sauce again now that the tomato crop is in.

David at River Berry has Cherry Tomatoes (limited stock!)in addition to his Beefsteak Tomatoes, wonderful Lettuces, and Summer Squash and Zucchini.

Lastly, Norris Berry Farm has the first of their Blueberry crop in. Limited stock so get yours now.

The Summer bounty is here!

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