Waltham Fields Pickup Site Launched

Waltham Fields WallFarmers To You Begins Deliveries to Waltham Fields Community Farm

We have officially launched a Farmers To You pickup site at Waltham Fields Community Farm and food delivery begins next week.

The Waltham Fields Community Farm pickup site tests a new framework for CSAs to work in partnership with our small-scale, direct-to-family food distribution model.

Partnering with a farm in Massachusetts is a natural part of our work to rebuild a trustworthy and sustainable regional food system. Thus far, our partner farmers in Vermont, Quebec, and New Hampshire have benefited from the expansion of the market for their fresh, high-quality craft produced foods and the stability that our partner families weekly orders provide. Now the partnership will add a direct benefit to Waltham Fields Community Farm.

When we met with Claire, Amanda, and the rest of the staff, they were looking for ways to meet the desires of their CSA stakeholders to have access to a wider variety of local food items at the farm. Building a farm store themselves posed a significant challenge with large investments needed in inventory, staff, and more. In effect, it would have been starting another business. By partnering with us to bring customized weekly deliveries of local meats, dairy, eggs, pantry items and more to their stakeholders, they were able to expand consumption of local food and have a reliable source of income.

Weekly orders delivered to the Waltham Fields Community Farm pickup site directly support the Farm through our revenue sharing partnership. Each week, two dollars from every order is donated to the Farm.

It’s a win-win for all. We are able to bring food to the community at Waltham Fields Community Farm, the Farm gains a new source of revenue to support their mission of promoting local agriculture and food access, and families get to eat fresh, high quality food.

We are honored to be invited into the community at Waltham Fields Community Farm and look forward to deepening our partnership over the years.

Now that we’re launched, our goal is to service 100 or more families at this pickup site. Please join us and Waltham Fields Community Farms in our work to build, promote, and revitalize the local foodshed by sharing this blog post with your friends, neighbors, and fellow supporters of local food.

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