New & Returning Items 6.21.13

burger.buns.bannerHere is the update on the farm side of things!

We will have Steaks this week. Since they are limited in quantity we would suggest you order enough for this week and the July 4th holiday. They usually sell out in a week and we wouldn’t want you to be without!

Remember – All deliveries during the week of July 4th holiday week will be on Wednesday July 3rd.

Also – Once you try it, Tom Cope’s Hamburger is going to spoil you forever… and now to make it even better Red Hen Bakery has started making Hamburger Buns for us. This is just a completely divine combination. Both of these product really exemplify the difference that craft farmers and producers can make at our tables. They have the skills to take such simple products and give them flavor and healthfulness to a degree that most people immediately notice the difference.

We will also have a nice selection of Pork this week. Butt roasts, ribs, and chops as well as Vermont Salumi’s divine Bacon. Again, order early as quantities are limited.

Liberty Chocolate is making their Cherry Pomegranate flavor again… one of our favorites. And we are thrilled to congratulate Katrina on moving her business to a new space that she bought with a group of other food producing friends. Great work always gets rewarded.

Jen at Love and Tea is giving us three great teas this week that are fantastic on ice; Organic Black Breakfast, White Peony, and Lemon Honey Chamomile. Happy sipping.

Our vegetable farmers are really starting to come alive after a difficult start filled with rain and cold weather.
Burnt Rock farm has field grown Baby Spinach this week as well as Eggplants from his greenhouse – what a treat!
River Berry Farm has his amazing Lettuce for us again, as well as Red and Green Kale and the last harvest of Asparagus.
Pete’s Greens and Foote Brook Farm are adding Rhubarb, Garlic Scapes, Fennel, European Cucumbers, and Lacinata, Italian, and Red Russian Kale.

I remember our first season when I thought (never being a true Kale aficionado) that one or two types of Kale would be plenty. Well between all of you and my wife Eva – that changed quickly. Now we have FIVE variaties!!

Enjoy the heat and think about all the vegetables bursting out of the ground, and the fruit soaking up the sweetness of the sun here on the cusp of Summer. Yesterday was the Summer Solstice so as you spend your weekend outside – see if you can detect any difference as we reach the pinnacle of light and begin our long exhale and descent back towards darkness. In the world of Biodynamic Agriculture this is when the Earth begins to exhale and give forth it’s bounty that it has inhaled all during the Winter and Spring months. Enjoy the bounty of Summer!

In Gratitude,

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