New & Returning Items 04.26.13

ginger_kombuchaLove and Tea is making some very special teas available to us this week:

A rare Pu-Ehr black tea that is robust enough to satisfy a coffee drinker like me!
Five Peaks Green Tea – with a famously clean and fruity flavor
They are also offering a very nice Rooibos and a wonderful herbal blend called Mellow Mama.

Each week will be rotating the amazing variety of teas to bring you four more teas – so keep an eye out each week as they may not repeat for a while.

Some very big news – we have been considering carrying Kombucha for quite a while now, but our amazing local producer Aqua Vitea was not quite ready for us. Well they have moved into a new facility and now we can offer their organic and delicious and healthful Kombucha to all our partner families. The probiotic health benefits of this drink are legendary, and the flavor really grows on you. We have both Ginger and Elderberry this week. These bottles are 16 ounces so one will serve two people.

Equally big news… The Ramps are ready.  Up here in Vermont spring has not begun until the wild onions come up.  These ramps have become a runaway favorite amongst partner families.  Andy, who works for us, and Joseph a young local farmer are gearing up to harvest their first batch.  They have their secret patches out in the local countryside, and of course we will never find out where they are… they are worse than mushroom collectors.

And the big news continues… The greenhouses at Pete’s Greens are working their early spring magic and… voila! We now have Fresh Organic Basil to offer you. Pete’s crop is just getting started, we’re getting preference, but quantities are limited. Thinking of a pizza night? Maybe a marinara sauce? Of course, a few sprigs of basil on a salad are wonderful. A taste of summer!

Rhapsody – our makers of Tempeh, have introduced a Rice Milk and Miso.  Both of these products reflect the craft, thoughtfulness and integrity the Welters Family bring to all of their products.  Like the rest of their food they are produced through a slow fermentation process that readys these grains for easy digestion and maximum nutrition.  Give them a try.  Of course they are also organic.

We are seeing the end of some of our winter storage vegetables this week, and I would personally like to acknowledge the skill it has taken to store and preserve the freshness and flavor that we continue to enjoy.  It takes real skill.  This will be our last week of Sweet Potatoes from Burnt Rock Farm, and Cabbage from Blackwell Roots Farm and Pete’s Greens. Bravo!

In Gratitude,

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