Tempeh Spring Rolls

I enjoy playing around with tempeh, I love its texture and versatility.  I needed a quick lunch yesterday so I grabbed two spring roll wrappers, a handful of baby spinach, a few slices of avocado and two strips of teriyaki tempeh.  Typically the ingredients in a spring roll (sometimes called summer rolls) go unseasoned and are served with a dipping sauce.  Tamari on the side was perfect for these simple rolls.


If you’re unfamiliar with spring roll wrappers here’s a quick video showing how to roll them.  My technique is pretty bare bones – I soften the wrapper by wetting it under the kitchen sink faucet.  I don’t wait for it to get completely soft before laying on my ingredients because the wrapper will start sticking to itself.  Then I roll up just as the video shows.  Spring roll wrappers can be found in the Asian section of your grocery store or co-op.  They are made from rice flour and are excellent for gluten free folks (to be sure, always check the ingredients).  They pack really well in a school or work lunch bag – try wrapping in a piece of wax paper if you’ve got more than one so they don’t stick to each other.  Almost anything can go inside a spring roll, so have fun playing around!


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