A Love Letter To Boston

Love berry

We’ve been talking about you. You, the partner families in Boston. We’ve been talking about our relationship and what we mean to each other. We’ve been leafing through correspondence, like couples do with a box of treasured love letters. That’s right. Love. It’s a word we’ve seen again and again in our conversations with you:

“I just love FTY?”

“We love the food!”

“We just love the concept.”

…And we want to know more.

We could send out a survey and ask all the plodding questions, hoping you’ll take the time to answer back.

Or we could simply ask you:

Why Farmers To You?

What is it that you love about Farmers To You?

And (It’s OK. We can take it.) Is there anything you don’t love about Farmers To You?

As a thank you for your thoughts, we’ll include a jar of blueberry currant jam from Norris Berry Farm in your next order. You can leave your comments below. It will be fun to see your fellow partners’ feedback, too.

Thank you for your thoughts. We’re truly interested in hearing from you.

With love,

The entire crew at Farmers To You

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This Weeks Bounty: Tilldale Beef, Snug Valley Pork, Plums & Bonnieview Coomersdale Cheese


The heat of summer time is bringing out the golden colors associated with fall in the landscape. Wild parsnip, wheat and grains standing tall in the field just showing hints of gold, ripening fruit on the vine and tree. I was reminded this week of the counterintuitive nature of color by a close friend of ours Susi Wahlrab who is a remarkable artist here in Calais.  Eva and I were at her exhibit at a local gallery in Stowe admiring a new painting of a vibrant and luscious green field with mountains in the background.  To my eye it was composed of millions of shades of green – then Susi leaned close to us and said – isn’t it amazing that there is no green paint in that whole painting?  So yesterday as I was driving to farms with Kuenzi when she remarked that the fields were beginning to show their yellows, and Suzi’s comment came back to me – that these transitions in seasons are also accompanied by rhythmic changes in colors, that come forward or fade into the background.

This week step out into the landscape and see what colors are there that mark this sweetening time of year – ah summer!

We have lots of wonderful food for you this week.

Tilldale Farm Organic Beef is back in stock with Steaks, Kabobs, Stew Meat and their fantastic Ground Beef.  And of course this is all Organic, 100% Grass Fed, Devon beef.

Snug Valley Farm also just delivered a new supply of their pasture raised pork.  We will have St Louis Style Ribs, Picnic Shoulder Roast, Country Style Ribs, Rib Chops, Porterhouse Loin Chops, and Sirloin Cutlets.

We have lots of wonderful sweet and fresh fruit for you this week.  We were just visiting with Bill and Andrea of Champlain Orchards and their beautiful orchards are laden with ripening fruit.  They still have some Cider and Spartan Apples from storage, but Bill tells us it will not be long before he begins harvesting the new crop.  Amazing we were both saying – that for the first time, Farmers To You can offer apples year round. Astonishing for New England grown apples!

Scott Farm has a few Methley Red Plums for your eating delight!  These are beautiful ruby red inside and out with sweet flesh and a tart skin.  Just pop these in your mouth and be prepared to smile!

Well with the summer heat – you need a healthy antidote –  Strafford Organic Dairy Ice Cream.  We have been working on getting you the ice cream solidly frozen in this heat and we think we have done that with the addition of dry ice to our coolers in the truck.  We’re sorry to say, f you are taking advantage of late pick up at your site (if it is offered) or Home and Office Delivery it would be best if you did not order the ice cream as we have not found a solution to both keeping your ice cream frozen, and your other delicate food appropriately cool.  Great flavors this week:  Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Sweet Guernsey Cream, Fresh Mint, and Strawberry.

Bonnieview Farm has a wonderful new batch of their aged sheep cheese – Coomersdale.  This cheese pairs wonderfully with figs, and other sweet fruits or preserves.

Joe at Screamin Ridge Farm will have his wonderful Gazpacho Soup again this week.  We had it for staff dinner (Deb was out on vacation so we all had to pitch in to replace her… boy we miss her!) it was so refreshing and delicious (and easy!).  Another favorite both in our staff kitchen and at home is to cook up Snug Valley Farm Country Style Ribs in Joe’s BBQ Sauce.  We brown the ribs on all sides then pour in the BBQ sauce and let them simmer for a couple of hours in a closed top, heavy pan.  Add a bit of water if the sauce boils down.  They can of course be eaten right away or we just throw them in the fridge, then when we want a quick and delicious sandwich – break them up with a fork, remove the bone, reheat and voila!  So comforting.

David and Michelle Valicenti have wonderful pasta for us this week too.  Their two raviolis are incredible – (as opposed to just fabulous every other week)

Native Cherry, Prosciutto & Gorgonzola Ravioli (Tart Cherries lightly roasted, a hint of deliciously salty prosciutto & Creamy Gorgonzola) – What a combination – it sounds delightful – just the right sweet, tart, salty and savory.

Ratatouille & Chevre Ravioli (Roasted Eggplant, Zucchini, Summer Squash, Onion, Tomato, Fresh Herbs, VT Goat Cheese) – just remember all of these veggies are from their gardens and they slave over the Ratatouille in their kitchen.

Rustici – a nice big fat twist – great for mac and cheese or holding lots of cream sauce!

Wild Garlic Scape Linguine – delicious

Gluten Free Lemon Thyme Casarecci

Gluten Free Natural Spaghetti

What can I say about Vegetables… except that our partner farmers are offering you a cornucopia of summer delight.  Please take a few minutes to really look at them all and try something new!  You will not be disappointed with the flavor.  After all that is the real mark of quality and health.

Have a wonderful food, family, and friend filled week –




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The All-FTY BLT — It’s What’s For Dinner


Nancy Petino, site co-host in Beverly, is at it again with this irresistible summer sandwich:

Bacon Lettuce and Tomato with Basil Mayonnaise

Nancy says: “No grocery store needed. I love eating off the grid.” Off the grid, indeed. Thank you, Nancy!

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Happenings at the Hub

Hub Pick crew

Pick Crew Packing Orders at the Farmers To You Hub

We’ve told you much about your partner farmers and their stories.

But what does it take to get this glorious food from their hands to yours?

Deb Smoller, affectionately called our “Den Mother,” orchestrates the work of a highly dedicated crew here at our Hub in Vermont. Once a week, she sends them a weekly update – part logistics, part news, and always, part heart.

In an effort to explain what it really takes, we share this week’s staff update with you, unedited, so you can have a taste of the happenings here at the Hub.

From our hands to yours, have a wonderful weekend!

~ Eva and the crew

 July 14, 2015 Staff Update

Tuesday Dinner: Mochi and Kate

We have 487 orders this week…down a bit from last week.

Happy middle of summer! It finally felt like summer this weekend. I was down in the Berkshires visiting a dear friend and musician. She’s the author of a book I listed on the blog “In Duet with God”. A very beautiful true story of love and inspiration. Jessica talked to me more about Flora’s cooking as a transcendent experience. She grew up on Flora’s cooking but only now, at age 56 is understanding just how amazing it was. Jessica is forging a new paradigm of community building through music, as we are forging a new paradigm of community building through food. The world is changing and the change is good. Feeling blessed to be a part of the FTY team.

Be sure to read Fridays blog and message to our partner families. Especially the section on summer reading as inspiration for food and family issues. There’s some great titles and if you have more to recommend, Greg would love to add them to our list.


ERRORS – 1 Missing 2% milk – 1 of 2 quantity error. Just one pick error!


Tom is out this week and Anders subs. Yarrow is here this week, but then out for three weeks (Drew will be subbing). I will be out next week (7/20) as well. I’m trying to get everything worked out with staffing so things will run as smooth as possible next week.

Two things I don’t want to forget to mention :

Verifyers – please continue to COUNT YOUR ITEMS and match that count with the bottom left # of items. This is the best way to catch quantity errors.

Baggers and Toters: Chatting quietly on the line is fine as long as you can keep up the pace and pack the food in the most loving way possible. If the pace is slowing down and the verifyers are backed up, and you are chatting….check yourself and take a break from the convosation. Keep the focus on the food and the customers. We also had several reports of milk and glass packed without adequate padding, so I’m feeling like our newer baggers may not have had enough training in this. Who feels confident training new baggers? It has always been Andy……or Yarrow, but Yarrow is on the pick line quite often.

Fish packers: Make sure there are at least 2 folks packing fish and use the bread method of packing…..one variety at a time. Lets get to the fish as soon as it comes in.

The heat is slowing us down in general and the bulky veggies slow us down in picking and packing. This is pretty normal for the season that we in…just an awareness. Our overall pick efficiency # was 74 sec. per order….up from 60 just a few weeks ago. Let’s remember to look at the white board for these #’s before our 4:30 meeting.

Drivers and Zip Van Drivers:

David Huck is out and Kate will drive the Northshore run. Kate, touch base with Celeste about cold packs and get up to speed with how they are using them in the OUTER orders especially.

Two sites will be making a switch this week. Brookline and Newton. I’m not up to speed on the full details, but will know by this morning. Stay tuned!

Scott Georgaklis is driving the runner van to Dorchester on Thursdays. Welcome back Scott! We also have Matt Connelly and Kris Kuss driving runner vans in Boston. David Silverstein has moved to NYC.

Stella…acquaintance of Celeste’s and David’s (not Stella Kahn) will be joining the pick for a couple hours Tuesday evening. She’s training to become a sub driver.

Let me know if I’ve missed anything! Deb

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This Week’s Bounty: Blueberries, Strawberry Ice Cream, Onions, Gazpacho and Baby Carrots

banner.adamsberryfarm.blueberriesWhat a beautiful week of weather we have had. Cool nights warm sunny days with a little rain. No wonder I have had to chase down all our partner farmers – none of them were inside answering my calls and emails!

This week the Summer Bounty is really coming in – please check out these wonderful new items. You may have to have friends over so you can sample it all. Share the wealth.

In the Dairy – Strafford has Strawberry Ice Cream again. They have just finished a fresh batch. Now if you (like me) were turned off to that hot pink-colored over-sweetened Strawberry Ice cream of our youth – this is definitely not that.

Earl gets local strawberries and combines them with their fresh cream and milk, adds a bit of sugar, local egg yolks, and vanilla extract (all organic) and voila amazing flavor, with crunches of wonderful frozen strawberry pieces.

For that summer cheese plate – try the fresher cheeses:

More Fruits Are Coming!!!

Blueberries from two farms:

And More Fruit:

All the tree fruits are ripening beautifully!

From the Meat and Fish Department:

Woodbourne Ground Beef is still on sale – was $8.25 now $7.25

Reds Best has some really great treats for us again!

And because they are plentiful – the value is great.

David and Michelle from Valicenti Organico have wonderful creations for us:



Gluten Free-

Joe at Screamin’ Ridge Farm has some summer favorites back:

From Vegetable Partner Farmers:   

A couple of exciting new items from Pete’s Greens:

Lots of Cherry Tomatoes from River Berry Farm

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