The Home Stretch!


Anticipation of Abundance

I was talking to a relatively new member family yesterday who has recently joined our partnership and they shared how our appeal of a few weeks ago transformed their relationship with Farmers To You. He described to me how when in the past we have asked for help in spreading the word about Farmers To You, he and his wife had been willing to share our postcards and $35 gift with others, but they never felt a sense of purpose or understood the collaborative nature of this partnership.

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This Week’s Bounty: Introducing VT Raw Pet Food, Asparagus, Dill, Cukes and Salad Greens in Abundance

greens basket 800x400

We are featuring the following cuts of Beef at 15% off this week:

  • Brisket– try Smoked Brisket  for tender, full flavored meat that can stand alone or make a great sandwich
  • Shanks and Short Ribs– try braising and a blast on the grill for a smoky finish
  • Chuck Roast– try BBQ Smoked with a side of sauerkraut
  • LiverBeef Liver Bourguignonne – liver cubes sauteed in bacon!
  • Heart– a tried and true method from one of our partner families in Boston: slice into thin strips, saute over high heat for just 30 seconds each side and season with salt and pepper

Our May Monthly Stock Up continues…the following Breakfast foods are all 10% off:

Fresh from our Farmers and Producers

We are excited to introduce VT Raw Pet Food!  

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This Week’s Bounty: Zucchini, Collard Greens, Rhubarb, Pork and GMO Free Half Chickens

zucchini jericho settlers farm 800x400

Photo courtesy of Jericho Settlers Farm

Aqua ViTea’s Kombucha is $3.55 per bottle (normally $3.95) this week.  We have this refreshing beverage available in three flavors:

  • BlueBernie
  • Turmeric Sunrise
  • Elderberry

This probiotic beverage contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes and organic acids and can be enjoyed as a digestive aid or thirst quencher- depending on your disposition.

Our May Monthly Stock Up continues…the following Breakfast foods are all 10% off:

Fresh from our Farmers and Producers

  • Collard Greens- Miskells Premium Organics- pair perfectly with Pork and Dry Beans
  • Zucchini– Jericho Settlers Farm- small, tender zukes are perfect for the grill or a saute
  • Fiddleheads– Dog River Farm- a cool, slow spring has provided for an extended season of these young ferns
  • Braising Mix– Jericho Settlers Farm- is still so tender and full of flavor- these add just a bit of bite whether raw, wilted or braised.
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Weekly Menus May 12

sandwich greens and cherry tomato 800x400 Looking for dinner ideas? Below you will find meal suggestions from our Weekly Menus. The Menus vary week to week and are updated by Friday morning of each week for the upcoming delivery week. You can either order one of the weekly menus, or mix and match by ordering the ingredients individually.

These menus are designed for simple, easy cooking that doesn’t require a recipe beyond salt, pepper, olive oil and an oven at 375 or a stovetop on medium-high.

These Weekly Menus DO NOT COME WITH RECIPES.  

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Growing Relationships

vt early spring blooms 800x400

This week, I had a board meeting with the Biodynamic Association, the group that promotes and educates on Biodynamic Agriculture. After our regular business we usually have a discussion on a topic of particular importance to the group. This month, we focused on the marketplace for Biodynamic food, and how to create a sustainable, value-based demand for this incredible system of agriculture while also maintaining the integrity of the methodology.

After much discussion of the structure of distribution and the massive size and consolidation of retail supermarkets (Whole Foods may be bought by Kroger in the next month), we were struck by the degree of disconnection of families and individuals from the farmers and food producers who are investing so much in the quality and consciousness of food production.

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