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Start a new Pickup Site in your community.

Happy Customers!

How do I get a site in my community?

The first step in this process is to identify a Site Host, a person or persons who already have a network of friends who may be interested in this partnership.

We require a minimum of 25 Families signed up to a site to begin and maintain deliveries. We may require more Families in an area that needs a new delivery route. Please feel free to contact us to discuss further details.

How do I become a Site Host?

A Site Host is a person who assists Farmers To You to create and host a delivery site. Site Hosts are essential to the success of Farmers to You and this partnership of Families and Farmers. Hosts are committed to receiving the quality and high integrity food that our Farmers produce as well as supporting their community to have access to this food.

Site Host responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with communication in their community
  • Establishing an accessible site for pick up
  • Supporting our driver-merchant at the pick up site
  • Acting as a contact and spokesperson for other interested families that wish to pick up food at their site
  • Maintaining a minimum of 40 orders to keep their site active and viable

In exchange for their time and commitment to recreate this regional food system, Site Hosts receive a credit from Farmers To You based on the number of Families picking up at their site. For every Family receiving delivery at a given site in a given week, the Site Host receives a $1 credit towards their Farmers To You order the following week. For example, if 100 families order on a given week, the Site Host will receive $100 worth of credit towards Farmers To You food the following week.

If you are interested yourself or know someone who is interested in being a Site Host, or if you would like a delivery site in your community please contact us.