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Artisan Meats of Vermont
Waitsfield, VT

Artisan Meats of Vermont founders Jacob and Justin Finsen are the descendants of a long line of chefs and butchers and grew up raising and butchering their own hogs. A strong commitment to tradition is apparent in their craft and in their commitment to sourcing directly from small local farmers who raise animals with free access to forage and real food. By sourcing this way, Artisan Meats helps to sustain local agriculture and the natural landscape while providing the highest quality fresh and cured meats the state has to offer. From their juicy beer Bratwurst to their spectacular bacon, these meats are a treat to add to any meal.

Artisan Meats of Vermont sources nearly exclusively for our offerings from our pork producer Snug Valley Farm.  On occaision they may also source from Vermont Whey Fed Pigs ( of vonTrapp Farmstead and Jasper Hill Farm).

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