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Scott Farm

Scott Farm produces 90 varieties of ecologically grown apples – heirloom apples such as Roxbury Russet, Belle de Boskoop, and Cox's Orange Pippin and some more unusual apples like Winter Banana and Hidden Rose – some of the finest in color, texture, and taste!

A long time ago, Zeke Goodband, Scott Farm Orchard Manager, learned that the less he sprayed the orchard, the less he had to spray. Zeke's formal educational training was in the field of ecology; he realized early in his orcharding career that if he respected the orchard as an ecosystem there were fewer "pest" problems.

Scott Farm is Eco-Apple Certified, and Zeke is passionate about building and protecting orchard biodiversity and loves to hear tree frogs singing in their Dummerston, VT orchard--a result of their careful growing practices.

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