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Tamarack VT Sheep Farm
Corinth, VT

Tamarack Vermont Sheep Farm is owned and managed by Ben Machin and Grace Bowmer. Ben grew up in Vermont on a small organic diversified homestead and eventually returned to his home state to revitalizing the flock of Tunis sheep that been in his family since the 1920s. Grace Bowmer joined Ben in 2008 and has been a partner ever since. With a background in architecture, site design, landscaping, and gardening, Grace takes a special interest in barn and site design, wool product development, and marketing. Ben and Grace raise their flock of sheep primarily on grass, and only feed grain if they run out of high quality pasture due to drought, which is a rare event up here in Vermont. While they are not certified organic, they strive to use no chemicals. Antibiotics are very rarely used, and only on sick animals to help them get better as we might with our children. Ben and Grace's flock of sheep is one of the oldest continually managed flock of Tunis sheep in the country. They are dedicated to the highest health and wellbeing of their animals and we applaud them for the quality, flavor, and healthfulness of their lamb.

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