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Burnt Rock Farm
Huntington, VT

Burnt Rock Farm is a certified organic farm located in the glacially terraced Huntington River Valley with a view of Mad River Glen's General Stark Mountain. Justin Rich and Lindsay Lyman-Clarke grow onions, squash, sweet potatoes and other storage vegetables in fall and winter. The cool valley climate allows them to produce tender vegetables like baby spinach and eggplant all summer long.

They use multiple on-farm storage facilities to give storage crops the exact environment they need to maintain freshness deep into the winter and they work tirelessly to improve the quality of the soil in their fertile valley. Through detailed soil management, crop rotation, weed control, and cover cropping, they work to improve the quality of the soil in this fertile valley. Hearing Justin talk about soil fertility is like listening to a very scientific botanical wizard! Their conscious farm stewardship supplies friends near and far with ethical produce.

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