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Screamin' Ridge Farm
East Montpelier, VT

Joe Buley and his family work and live at Screamin' Ridge Farm in the hills just north of Vermont's beautiful capital city of Montpelier. Out of three big double-walled greenhouses and a few acres of tillable soil they grow pristine organic vegetables year-round. They also produce a growing selection of flavorfully crafted lightly prepared foods, like soups, broth, refried beans, pesto, salsa, and tomato sauce, that are favorites among our partner families.

While cooking at his grandmother's knee in her Vermont kitchen, Joe formed an early appreciation for simple, nourishing food cooked with fresh and local ingredients. This turned into a passion and led to years in Paris and experience in the kitchen and management of high end restaurants from Brooklyn to San Francisco. Now with over 8 years of sustainable farming under his belt, Joe has come full circle and realized his ambition that started in his grandmother's kitchen: to grow pristine ingredients and then turn them into great tasting foods. By including the produce of neighboring small-scale organic farms, his work represents a viable, sustainable model promoting business diversity, local community, and the local economy.

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