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Willow Moon Farm
Plainfield, VT

Willow Moon Farm is located on the banks of the Winooski River in Plainfield Vermont. Sharon Peck and her daughter Kim Ingraham have milked their prized herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats and sold the fresh milk locally for years. In 2010 they began to craft some of the best goat cheese on the market.

Their attention to detail in production is impeccable and the quality of the milk could not be better.

Not many goat dairies raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats for milk due to their small size and relatively small milk production. However, these lovely small animals produce exceptionally smooth and creamy milk with a very high butterfat content, making it ideal for cheese making.

Try their Goat Feta in Brine and their Plain or Herbed Chevre and you can taste what we mean.

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