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Champlain Orchards
Shoreham, VT

Bill Suhr and Andrea Scott grow more than 40 varieties of apples, plums, cherries and raspberries, press their own fresh cider, and hand make apple pies, apple butter and applesauce on their farm in Shoreham, Vermont. As a 100 year-old family-owned and operated farm, Champlain Orchards strives to preserve the best traditions of Vermont apple farming while tapping the best of new farming advances.

In this spirit, they grow both old time New England varieties such as the Northern Spy and delicious new flavors such as Honeycrisp and Zesta. Similarly, they care for the land and the trees in many ways that date back to the first American settlers, but also practice contemporary integrated pest management, have 8 acres Certified Organic, and use solar power!

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