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Vermont Raw Pet Food
Huntington, VT

Vermont Raw Pet Food was born when a beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, Ty, was diagnosed with cancer.  After undergoing an invasive surgery- a leg amputation- Lori and Shayne sought information on how to keep the cancer from returning.  After a fair bit of research they concluded a protein based diet was key in helping dogs fight cancer.  To fill this dietary need they had to make the food themselves as the majority of pet food on the market is full of various carbohydrates which can be difficult to digest for dogs and cats and provide little nutritional value.

Lori and Shayne have partnered with their friends Jennifer and Marc to help supply pets in Vermont and New England with a raw, protien rich diet.   All of the meat and bones they use come from Misty Knoll, utilizing scraps from meat processing that are not fit for human consumption.

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