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Nutty Steph's
Middlesex, VT

Nutty Steph's is a unique, forward thinking establishment that produces exceptional small batch, artisan chocolate and granola products in their retail and kitchen space in Middlesex, Vermont (located in the same building as Red Hen Bakery)! Since 2003 Nutty Steph's has hand-crafted its products with the highest quality, GMO-Free ingredients to ensure that their treats are always the tastiest they can be. A dedicated team of ten works hard each week to bake, produce, package and deliver obsessively fresh food. Creator and owner of Nutty Steph's, Jaquelyn, is passionate about creating the best place ever to work, offering benefits for the workers that are hard to find in small town Vermont, makes certain that she employs individuals with special needs, and encourages all staff members to take part in collectively governing the company. Today, Nutty Steph's is a busy little word, continuing to melt, mix, pour, wrap and deliver real food from the heart nearly every day of the year. Make your life simple by eating what tastes good!

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