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Tangletown Farm
West Glover, VT

Lila Kennett and David Robb run this small Vermont family farm committed to providing high quality and well cared for meat to our community. Their farm in West Glover is aptly named--with so many different animals their three small children running around, it is quite the beautiful tangletown! Lila and David were both vegetarians until she began dreaming about roasted chickens during her second pregnancy. Now, they raise free range chickens, guinea hens and turkeys, in addition to pastured pork, grassfed beef, and rabbit. We offer their rich and delicious eggs, from chickens who are 100% free of hormones and antibiotics. Lila and David are very involved in their community and are big advocates for healthier school lunches.
Leading an increasingly self-sufficient lifestyle and ensuring their food is cared for is what drives Lila and David’s inspiration for farming.

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