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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a membership fee?

No, we don't have a membership fee or any other up front costs. What we do ask, in the Family Agreement, is that you create an account with your credit or debit card and a suggested minimum purchase of $40 per week. We also ask that you return bags and milk bottles each week.

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Do you operate all year-round?

Yes! We offer many products 52 weeks a year. Because we source from Farmers and Producers located in Central and Northern Vermont, some of our offerings are seasonal, such as berries, some variety of apples, some vegetables and even some cheeses (some cheesemakers choose to create their cheeses only when the grass is lush and green for example).

If you are a member of a vegetable CSA or love to purchase local food at Farmer's Markets, you can still order from Farmers To You for many other kinds of food items - milk, cream, buttermilk, cheeses, meats, poultry, fermented veggies, pies, freshly ground flour and cornmeal, dried beans and more.

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Can I try the food without signing the Family Agreement?

No, you must agree to the Family Agreement in order to place your first order. That said, the agreement is not binding in any way, except for your word and ours. If you place an order and decide a week or two later to suspend indefinitely for any reason, you can do that at any time.

We asked for acceptance of the Family Agreement to make it clear to partnering families that the farmers are making a huge commitment to us, and we need to ensure a ready market for them. The agreement is educational, the commitment is not hard and fast. Anyone can stop the service at any time.

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Why do you suggest a minimum purchase of $40 per week?

We suggest a minimum purchase of $40 per week in order to commit to and support our Partnering Farmers and Producers. This baseline commitment from our families allows them tor to plan for plantings, harvests and storage needs.

If $40 per week is burdensome financially, you may choose to suspend your order whenever needed, or join with another family to share the order.

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Do we need to purchase the Farmers To You bags?

No, but as part of this partnership, we ask that you return your bags each week, or give them to the Metro Pedal Power person. We keep track of returned bags, and if they're not returning, we'll remind you. If bags are still not returned, we'll ask for a fee to cover the cost of replacements. Recycling bags makes sense and we thank you for your attention to this!

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Why do you offer so few fruits in the Winter?

Winter fruit offerings are limited due to the local nature of our food. Apples are local and store very well, especially the Macintosh (they taste like they just came off the tree) and Northern Spy (a wonderful pie apple).

During the Spring and Summer and early Fall, Farmers To You offers plums, berries, peaches and more.

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Which items are good for vegans and vegetarians?

All of the Breads from Red Hen Bakery are fine for vegetarians and vegans. The cheese descriptions contain information on vegetarian rennet. If you have any questions about other products, please contact us directly at

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How do you charge for items that are marked "variable weight"?

There are several items where the farmers charge us by the pound, but the partner family orders a dollar amount AND we can't really change the sizing. In these cases, we price the item per pound and try to give you the size you ordered. For example, we give you a whole chicken that that is closest to the size you ordered and we bill you based on the weight and the price per pound.

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We want home or office delivery. How does that work?

If you live or work within our Home/Office Delivery Area, you can get your food delivered. Create your order and select Home/Office Delivery as your Pickup Location.

If you are not at home to receive your order, we ask that you leave a cooler (70 quart or larger) with at least two frozen cold packs in a safe and accessible location to keep your delivery fresh and at a safe temperature until you return.

Delivery costs $12 per week. Please see our Home/Office Delivery page for further details.

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Do your offerings expand in the Summer Months?

Yes, significantly. We have many more fresh vegetables offerings in the Summer months. During the Winter months, we offer a variety of vegetables that are storage crops, pickled, fermented, or greenhouse grown.

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How will Family purchases fluctuate during the typical CSA months?

During the typical CSA months, the majority of Partnering Families continue to order food that complement their CSA offerings.

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What's the difference between local and regional food?

Although the definitions are not hard and fast, local food refers to food that is produced within your community. Regional food is produced within your foodshed, such as New England.

New England States used to feed Boston. After tasting Farmers To You offerings, we hope to inspire Boston area families to grow their own food, purchase local food, and purchase regionally produced food. We also hope to inspire Farmers in Maine, New Hampshire, Western Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut to replicate this model in their farming communities.

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How does Farmers To You price products?

We price differently - each item is priced based on what it costs the farmer to produce. To determine the final price, we simply add what it costs us to get it from the partner farm to you.

Supermarkets and grocery stores generally price based on how price sensitive your are - milk, meat, and many basic meal ingredients are priced at or below cost. Items like prepared foods and specialty items are priced much higher to account for this.

Our method of pricing means we pay our farmers much more than they receive from traditional supermarkets, $0.60 compared to $0.12 of every dollar - five times as much!

Since we price all items at their true cost, and have fewer processed items, if you compare your weekly expenditures on food after you start with Farmers To You, many of you will notice a savings. If you buy roughly 50% of your food from your partner farmers, and reduce time in the supermarket, your savings could be as much as 15-20%.

And this does not take into account the vastly different quality of the food our partner farmers produce, and what it would cost you in time, money and effort to source this quality food on your own.

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