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Family Agreement

Farmers To You is a partnership of families and farmers who feed and support each other.

A transformative model, a missing link that:

  • Dignifies the craft of food production.
  • Nurtures relationships between families, farmers, and communities.
  • Celebrates families and farmers as the guardians of health and vitality.
  • Honors meal preparation and sanctifies family life with food worth gracing the table.

By joining this partnership, your family is making a commitment to the current partner farmers and families. Your contribution - making orders, cooking for your family, giving feedback, spreading the word - is key to creating a strong and lasting partnership.

Your order of $40 or more is your weekly action that enables your farmers and the partnership to maintain a sustainable and reliable model.

You will pick up your order each week, or have a neighbor or friend do it for you. If you are unable to pickup your food - contact your site host for help.

If you find anything unsatisfying, speak to your site host or contact us directly so we can address the issue immediately. We honor our farmers' commitment to growing conscientiously produced food of the highest quality by pairing it with exceptional handling, care, and service.

You may suspend your order for a week at a time on your account page. Suspensions must be made prior to the Sunday night order deadline. Your most recent order will automatically resume the following week.

For longer suspensions contact us so we can set up a process that works for you.

If this sounds good, and you would like to join this partnership...welcome! Please create your account so you can start receiving food.

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