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Declaration of Partnership

Farmers To You is a conscious partnership of

Gifted farmers and producers who are creating the future of food production


Committed families who dignify their tables with life-giving food

Declaration of Partnership

Farmers To You is a partnership of families and farmers who feed and support each other.

It begins with a farmer, walking the land, sensing what's possible.

It continues with a family, in the home, preparing and sharing a beautiful meal.

It thrives on knowing how the land and the family table are intimately connected.

It dares to challenge industrial food and its brutal treatment of people, animals, and land.

It rejects the convenience of eating in ignorance

It demands imagination and courage to build anew...

A transformative model, a missing link that:

Dignifies the craft of food production.

Nurtures relationships between families, farmers, and communities.

Celebrates families and farmers as the guardians of health and vitality.

Honors meal preparation and sanctifies family life with food worth gracing the table.

This is an audacious act, a bold commitment to build a safe, just and regenerative food system...

one farmer at a time, one family at a time.