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About Us

Greg and Eva Georgaklis
Freshy picked ready for packing

Our Story

When we relocated to Vermont nearly ten years ago, we wondered what we'd miss about city life. Would we have a hankering for the museums and culture? The excitement, hustle and bustle? And what about...the food? The food we discovered in Vermont was... discovery. Nothing could have prepared us for the bounty here. Buttery, ripe cheeses, greens fresh from the field, berries, heirloom tomatoes. Just-milled grains and wholesome, crusty breads. Naturally, our next thought was: What if we could share this with Boston-area friends and family?

Fast-forward a few years and Farmers to You has come to full fruition: a regional partnership linking New England farmers and producers to Boston-area families. Our online market brings the best local, small scale, sustainable and artisanal foods to your family's table, every week, year-round.

Typical supermarket fare travels thousands of miles before arriving at your table, taking a toll on the food's nutrition and flavor, as well as the environment. It's become a challenge for urban families to obtain vibrant, nutrient-rich food in a way that works for busy lives. Farmers To You enables you to be just one step away from a face-to-face relationship with your farmer.

Farmers to You means fresher, healthier, tastier food with far less environmental impact. And, by supporting the small-scale farmers and producers who lovingly steward their land and enrich their communities, our model helps rebuild a regional food system that can sustainably feed us. Food that feeds your values, and your family.

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