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A Regional Food System Makes Sense
Boston used to be fed almost entirely by the Northeast food shed. More recently, we've grown accustomed to shipping the vast majority of food to Boston from the far reaches of our planet with questionable results. It's become a challenge for urban families to obtain vibrant, nutrient rich fresh food in a way that works for busy lives. Farmers To You enables you to be just one step away from a face to face relationship with your farmer.

A Regional Partnership
Farmers To You creates a regional partnership by enabling Boston area families to reconnect to the land through the food they eat and benefit from the delicious and nutritious bounty of Vermont. This partnership supports Vermont area farmers and producers, who create superior food, lovingly steward their land, and enrich their communities.

Our Products
Farmers To You delivers a cornucopia of some of the best food in New England: salad greens and sprouts, seasonal vegetables and fruits of all kinds, milk, cream, butter, yogurt, and cheeses, beef, chicken, bacon, sausage, lamb, artisan breads, pickles and pies as well as freshly milled flours, maple syrup and honey. You can see, feel, smell and taste the difference. This is made possible by our partnering Farmers and Producers.

Join the Partnership